Welcome to the Excellence Framework for Patient Experience

Janet ButterworthMandy Wearne

Welcome to the excellence framework, we invite you to be part of this online resource.

The excellence framework is a resource for commissioners, trust managers, senior clinicians, providers, policy leads and other senior personnel with a common sense of purpose and a common language with which to discuss patient experience.  The articles forming the framework have been written by thought leaders and experts in their fields, but they are published here to provoke debate and challenge.

Each of the articles in the framework can be read alone, or with the others. Readers are encouraged to share their views and experiences with other users of the framework by using the comment facility. It is hoped that the site will become a lively online community, where those interested in patient experience can debate with each other, share experiences and define good practice for the newly formed commissioning groups. You are encouraged to offer up new articles and insights that will form part of the four journals.

This tool was developed by the NHS and is now managed by Inspiration NW, an independent organisation. Inspiration NW, founded by Mandy Wearne and Janet Butterworth, is a groundbreaking company, paving the way for dramatic improvements in patient experience in the UK.